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Loona Go Smart Robot, AI PETBOT, KEYi Tech

Loona Go Smart Robot, AI PETBOT, KEYi Tech

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The Loona Go package includes

  • The Loona robot
  • Charging cable
  • Manual
  • Game props (ball, cape)

Small body, big personality

Loona can understand thousands of instructions and can provide various interesting feedback. You can play Loona's ChatGPT games for various interactions, such as RPG games, role-playing games, learning foreign languages etc.

Voice commands

While standard voice commands are basic, Loona takes things to a whole new level. Imagine telling Loona, "Feeling down today," and getting a response filled with unique personalities and joyful ear movements. It's like having a sincere talk with a true friend!

Good with pets

Loona and ChatGPT

Endless games

With the Loona app, you can play interesting games with Loona, such as bullfighting, laser tracking, ball fetch, hand slap, etc. Attention, don't joke!


Bull Fight

Laser tracking

Hand slap

Your remote assistant

Equipped with a camera, speaker and Amazon's AWS intelligent voice recognition service, Loona can be your reliable helper.

Powerful CPU

An intelligent assistant that can make life easier.

The Quad-core Cortex A53 AI CPU processes 5 trillion calculations per second making Loona one of the smartest consumer robots in the world.

Super smart creature

The strongest perceptive abilities. With powerful computing power. Offline operations

Object recognition Human Detection Environment detection

With the HD RGB camera, Loona sees you.

The high-definition RGB camera can capture and track moving objects. Loona can recognize you and has special reactions towards you.

Facial recognition

For her, you are the only one.

Gesture recognition

She understands you even without saying.

Body detection

Where you are, there she is.

3D ToF LiDAR sensor

The 3D-ToF (Time of Flight) camera detects obstacles in the environment and generates data to help it move quickly in space and navigate the environment.

Create with Loona.

Tons of interactions! Fully programmable! You can DIY the new tricks for your Loona.

Evolving via OTA (Over-the-Air)

More fun features and tools will be continuously updated and upgraded via OTA.

More games More Intelligent More Emotions


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