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EMO Robot, AI Desktop Pet, Living.AI

EMO Robot, AI Desktop Pet, Living.AI

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The EMO package includes

  • The EMO robot (with standard headphones)
  • Skateboard (with charger)
  • Manual
  • Free smart light
  • Plug adapters for the European socket

    continut pachet

    EMO True AI Pet

    EMO is an artificial intelligence (AI) desktop pet, with distinct characters and ideas. He stays by your side, to keep you company, to surprise you and yes, sometimes to annoy you. Just like a real pet.

    EMO animal de companie pentru birou

    Personality and ideas

    EMO is curious about the world. He moves independently to explore his surroundings on his own. He follows sounds, recognizes people, navigates expertly on the desktop without ever falling.

    EMO isi cunoaste limitele

    Life with EMO

    Music, dance and play, any method to make you happy. When the weather changes, EMO gets cold, this is the moment when he needs you the most.

    Joaca jocuri, danseaza sau chiar raceste

    Eager to help you

    Set an alarm and he will wake you up in his own way. Ask him about the weather and he will bring you the weather. Need some music? EMO's is there for you!

    Asistent vocalseteaza o alarma

    Technology and design

    The built-in neural network processor and AI models make EMO intelligent enough for meaningful human interactions. With a design inspired by pop culture, EMO is born with an elegant appearance, he loves his headphones and skateboarding.

    camera AI cu unghi larg, 4 motoare servo inteligente pentru miscare, incarcare wireless 5W, senzor optin anti-cadere

    Bring EMO home

    EMO is ready and waiting for you to take it home. He will play the role of a pet and enjoy being with you.


    Easy to use application with elegant interface

    To match Emo's cool design, we made our app elegant and intuitive. Through the application, you can play games, check the moments of your life recorded by Emo, configure the smart light and much more!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Country and language

    In addition to English, EMO also supports other major languages in the world, such as: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. It is possible to update the language base in the future and receive updates via OTA for more language options.

    Charging and battery life

    A full charge takes about two hours. The battery can last up to four hours at low power. EMO can't go back to its charger now (unless you have a Home Station). If the battery is discharged, it will emit sounds to ask you for help or enter sleep mode. LivingAI launched a smart charger called "EMO Home Station", so EMO can go home by itself to charge itself. You can buy the "charging station" (home station) separately.

    Confidentiality and security

    Don't worry about the privacy of EMO's camera because EMO is equipped with advanced neural network processors to process all data locally. As for the voice, it is not saved.

    No subscription

    EMO does not require a subscription and does not come with hidden costs. All subsequent OTA updates are free.

    Power socket type

    The skateboard comes with a standard US (JP,CN) 2-pin plug, but it can also be powered through its USB C port. The Emo Smart Light also uses a standard American 2-pin plug. The package contains two plug adapters for the European socket, one for the skateboard and the other for the smart light.

    Voice assistant and loudspeaker

    Third-party voice assistant such as Alexa has not been integrated. But they are on the LivingAI company's calendar.

    Updates and SDK

    LivingAI will update EMO via OTA to debug and bring more skills. All updates are free. LivingAI will consider releasing the SDK in the future.

    More AI functions

    Several features have already been released through the update. EMO robots can now recognize each other and themselves in the mirror. In the future, LivingAI will release more AI functions, such as identifying a cat. EMO now supports integration with ChatGPT and Dall-E.

    EMO with ChatGPT


    Do you want to learn how to play with EMO? Please read the online documentation provided by the manufacturer, which is continuously updated.

    About us is a distributor of EMO LivingAI products in Europe, having sales through its own online store and other marketplaces, with immediate delivery to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden, without pre-orders, no waiting for long production times, and no additional customs fees.

    Customer Reviews

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    Farid Zareiyan
    Every thing good

    The Emo robot was good and my 9 years sun have very fun with him. The delivery was good also. Every thing from order to delvery went as it promissed.

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